Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Urm. Hello, my name is Stef and I am a blogaholic. This is a test to see if I can keep up with the big boys and post on a blog on a regular basis. Will I do it? It is a challenge between me and myself. I know I'll stay tuned.

It all began when the small company I work for (whose IT drones may be monitoring these very words as I write ....them....eeeee, I just creeped myself out) put in some of that web-surf prevention ware. The kind that does not allow you to check personal emails but still allows for news, shopping and BLOGS of all things. So for the past 2 years or so I have spent my lunch hour keeping up with my friends. I am actually a lurker as they say in the parlance. With a total # of comments posted (on blogs by people with whom I am not personally acquainted in real life) in the 1-hand countable range. I started when I was preggers, hungry for anything anything anything on parenting and being preggers. I still love me sum parenting blogs. Since then I moved on to celebrity gossip ( I know, I am part of the problem!), cooking + food porn (mmmm) and most recently, rock. You may find it funny that it took me so long to get to rock when you know me a little better. ...

So urm, yes. blogging was it? I have been tempted, more than once to start one. But resisted. So why now? My sisters (I have 2) both blog, and a cousin. I live far away from all of them and I love keeping up with them in this way. I have several friends whose blogs I look forward to reading every day. So? I am interesting. (kinda) I have my own little sense of humor and way of looking at the world. (right?) Ah. so. we'll see.

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alexis said...

so great! It really is a great way to keep up with people, no matter how frequently you end up posting.