Thursday, February 22, 2007


I am not a dancer, but I danced for 2 hours last night.

I am not really "coordinated" or "graceful" or any other number of words you might use to describe a dancer. But I've been taking belly-dance classes for the past 7 months and I don't think I'm bad at it. I mean, I'm not ready to start headline-ing at restaurants or anything but when I figure out how to do a move looks, ya know.....good.

It all started because in the summer I ride my bike down Elston to work. So every day I'd pass the little storefront with the alluring sign Arabesque and the tempting costuming in the windows. (Beaded bras, shiny coin waist-wraps, filmy skirts) I mean what woman hasn't thought of the idea of doing belly-dance, even a little bit. (Maybe you too grew up in a household with a copy of "How to Belly-Dance for Your Husband" slipped amongst the other LP's)

So one day I screwed up my courage and went to a Fundamentals class. (Marked Blue for beginners!) The class was super diverse, with all races, body types and ages. Mostly female, but one spectacularly uni-tarded male. The instructor was Sonya, who also happens to own and run the dance studio. And when she walked in i was......surprised.

Because she had a big gut.

Actually, her gut wasn't all that big, but what she was wearing was kind of doing everything it could to emphasize the gut. (teeny-tiny black shirt ending just below the boobs, low waisted pants) And that just goes against every dressing instinct I have. (my dressing instincts mainly being duck-and-hide)

Other than the belly, she is rather exotic and glamorous looking. Super long strait hair (way past her butt), covered in tattoos (in particular, a striking whole arm cover) and several tasteful piercings. (Side note; I suspect part of the reason I am so drawn to her is that she reminds me of my sister)

So then, she dances. Or starts teaching us how to dance. And I realize the ensemble is picked exactly to show off her body when she is dancing. Her body which is beautiful. Stunning really. And as I start to learn more and look around the room, I notice that the girls with a little more junk in the trunk tend to look better doing the moves. (Not that skinny people don't do belly-dance and look great doing it, but bigger beginners look less awkward) Belly-dance is definitely a form that looks good on any body type. Seductive and attractive on any body type. And most dance is just not that way. (Think of a portly ballerina. I bet $5 that thought made you laugh. at least a smile anyways)

So belly-dance! I recommend it!


alexis said...

awww, I also think of lisa when I see tattooed ladies! Except when they're on motorcycles.

I don't know that I'll ever be brave enough to belly dance. When I imagine myself doing it, I see something akin to the while woman in a sari: it just doesn't seem to look right.

Kelly said...

i think i've now read all your posts - damn, you're an interesting woman! keep it up you belly-dancin', rockin', food-lovin' mother, you!

Kelly said...

Oh yeah, and HAPPY M-F BIRTHDAY, Dude!

Dad said...

So has John seen your belly dancing and what does he think?

Pulisha said...

Way to call out Mom! I totally forgot about that LP. I have always wanted to belly dance. I once bought a DVD that was supposed to teach me how, but I felt so ridiculous and awkward trying to follow the moves in my living room. I think it's one of those activities you really need to learn in a classroom environment. Maybe after this baby I'll try again. It sounds very empowering!