Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Snooze Button Dream

I had a dream this morning, betwixt hits on the snooze, that Jim Derogatis and Greg Kot came to an event at a bar. It was at the end of the evening and they and several of my bandmates were the only people left.

Jim Derogatis said, "What you guys should really do is concentrate on getting an opening gig for Green Day"

I nodded my head knowingly. Sage advice, Jim!

Danimal (bass, geetar) asked, (awed) "I wonder why they were here?"

Me : "I invited them"

Apropos of Nothing

This is funny : ">in2u


Tim said...

I would so rock out at your concert :-)

alexis said...

I remember that show! It's on NPR, right? Did they feature your band?

stef said...

Hi Tim!

Lex- alas no, they tend to focus more on bands you may have heard of.