Wednesday, March 7, 2007

When's the last time... got a massage?

For me it was..well it was yesterday. But before that it was like 2 years. Oh man, I forgot how awesome they are. The place my Moms and i went to was pretty cool. They asked if we had a preference for male or female therapists. I have to say that is not something I've ever really considered. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think I've ever gotten a (professional) massage from a man before. What's the difference?

I think everyone should get a massage on a quarterly basis. As my Moms put it, "It's nice to be touched all over. It doesn't happen that often. You just have to pay someone to do it."

ain't it da truf!


Lakeview Coffee said...

Where did you go mr? I had one about a decade ago at.....what the hell was the name of that place...Urban Oasis, right off the red line. Awesome. Had a chick do me.....can't really say I'd like a guy. I thought the women ALL had guys? No apparently.

alexis said...

I think the last time was with mom too actually! Now I've got an idea for her birthday at least - one that won't get lost in the mail either.

stef said...

lakeview- we went to urban oasis too! i thought it was very nice.

Pulisha said...

I think they ask because some women are uncomfortable having a strange man touch them all over with lotion (just a guess ;) Likewise, my hubby refuses to get a man massage because it makes him feel uncomfortable. Personally, I think massage is wonderful and that my dh should give me one everyday so I don't hae to pay someone else to do it!