Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I-Go, U-go, We all go for JUPITER-o!

Hello my loyal readers,

Most of you received an email about this, but in case you forgot or are a stranger to me...

My band, JUPITER, has entered a contest associated with a great, environmentally-conscious company, I-Go. I'll be frank, this contest is basically a popularity contest, so the only way to win is to have many, many people vote for your song. So if you can find it in your jaded, shriveled little hearts to take 2 seconds out of your busy day to vote for JUPITER, I will love you forever.

Here's what you do:

Click here

Scroll down till you reach: JUPITER and click the box (and up to 4 other bands if you're feeling magnanimous)

Scroll to the bottom
Enter your email address (the only required field)
Click Submit!

Thanks in advance. You are the bestest!


Dad said...

One down the rest of your blogesphere to go

alexis said...

I didn't get an email from you on it, but from Tom!

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

I did my part. Good luck!

Pulisha said...

Can you vote more than once? Cause I can just make some e-mail addresses up ;)

stef said...

thanks everybody!