Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back on the Bike

Anyone who read my travellers post from AinA's site knows that I am in thrall to the Amsterdam bike-as-transit culture. Today was my first morning biking in to work since I got back from my trip. Staked out on a prime spot of Milwaukee Ave was the Chicagoland Bike Federation. (Yes indeed- who knew?)

They were giving out free shwag from their sponsors to support a Bike to Work rally they are having tomorrow. Bananas, vitamin water, tire levers, (?). (seems like an odd choice to me for people on their bikes but what do I know?)

Methinks they are preaching to the choir-but there must be a purpose to that. And it was very nice to get a banana. Maybe I will even go to that rally 2morrow. (Free T-Shirt!)

As I rode down Lake St under the tracks, dusted with a fine sprinkling of El "juice", I thought to myself, " Chicago is not such a bad place to bike in"


Dad said...

Chicago - just like Amsterdam except there are no tourists to clog up the bike lanes, the drivers try to hit you, and it's easily 25 degrees colder in winter

George E. Curious said...

I particularly enjoy riding my bike while eating bananas =)

Anais said...

Good post.