Thursday, June 21, 2007

For my one and only

Today is the Summer Solstice and (Four years ago) the day me and my man got shackled.

Four years does not seem very long, and yet I can barely remember what I was like without him.

It must have been very different to have no one to cook for. no one to tidy my various things strewn about the house into little piles. no one to give me sweet hugs and tender kisses. no one whose eyes crinkle up at the corners when he smiles in the most devastatingly handsome way. no one to tickle my daughter and make her laugh harder than anyone. (ok- no daughter at all). no one to introduce me to the joys of costco and baseball. no one to try to cuddle me at night when I am sprawled all over the bed at weird angles. no one to go on amazing european adventures must have been very different.

Happy Anniversary Husband. So glad that our special day is the very longest day of the year.


Dad said...

Oh Steffie girl, you are capable of writing the sweetest, sweetest things. Happy anniversary to you both.

alexis said...

wow, only 4 years?? It must seem longer since you guys were so meant for each other! I hope you have lots and lots of kids - the world needs good people! Happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples! :)