Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So much to eat, so little time...

The past three nights I have dined at other people’s houses.

I have eaten very well and very much.

Saturday, Husband and I sprung for a sitter and went to our friend Mr. Organizer’s kitchen warming extravaganza. Somehow Mr. O managed to squeeze 12 adults + 4 kids in a one bedroom condo, all the adults at one table in the same room! Dining was (understandably) family style, 2 pastas, scrumptious homemade bread (beautiful, beautiful- something to aspire to), and the piece de resistance: key lime bars. I will just say that the crust was made with walkers shortbread. Thank goodness he cut the squares small! As I was not driving, I took the opportunity to drink copious amounts of wine and finished the evening with a “hip” cocktail suggested by Mr. O’s coworker, K, ginger beer and jack daniels. Refreshing!

Sunday, Miss D was along for the ride as we headed to Mr. And Mrs. McD’s place. These friends have been in a fabulous new apartment located right across the street from Simon’s on Clark for a while now- but this was my first visit. Neither of the McD’s are big into cooking but Mr. McD was determined to wow us on this visit and he succeeded! We dined on lightly dressed greens and avocado salad on their spacious rooftop deck as Mr. McD grilled off some Italian-marinated shrimp on the hibachi. Those shrimps were served with a delicious mango salsa and followed by a pesto pasta. Dessert was summery lemon cake courtesy of Mrs. McD covered with gorgeous summer berries and fresh whipped cream. I had made some totally unnecessary black and white cookies (in an effort to use up some buttermilk) so we ended up leaving the McD’s with enough sweets to last all week.

Last night it was on to the Uncle Joneses. Miss D always has a fabulous time with them. We got to visit with their friend A who we haven’t seen for a while and view all the decorating improvements to their new condo since our last visit. M. Jones has agreed to shoot some pics and maybe a video for my side project. Dinner was a little lighter (thank goodness!) although that was mainly due to the fact that I don’t eat pork tenderloin (yet). Stir-fried greens with mushrooms, crunchy asparagus, and potatoes in the coals (no better way to cook a potato, for reals). Miss D didn’t eat much except chocolate chip cookies!
Well, it’s been a great run but it is back to cooking for myself tonight. (sigh)


Dad said...

Go you epicurean girl

alexis said...

sounds lovely, but you're going to have to translate all those pseudonyms for me, I don't have a clue who you're talking about. :(