Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Miss D Stories

Here's a couple Miss D stories:

Our dear Miss D has always hated getting her hair washed. She fights like a banshee and wails the whole time. Even though we always do it as a two person job (I lean her back and try to keep the water out of her face and Husband pours the water) and always make every effort not to get any soap or water on her face. However, the last time we washed her hair she allowed me to lean her back far enough until she was floating in the water with her ears submerged....and she loved it! Every bath we've given her since she's requested to "lean back". She gets this absolutely beatific smile on her face. If I try to ask her questions or say anything to her she just says a sing-songy "yyeaaah" whenever I stop talking, no matter what I say. I've never seen her look so relaxed.

A sure sign we have some 'splainin to do:

The other day I dropped something and said "Oh durn!". Miss D said "Say Damn, Mom!" I gave her a look like "what did you say?"

"Say damn, Mom! Damn! Damn! Damn!"

I tried to instruct that "damn" is not a very nice word. When I told Husband the story later, he said she had done the same thing to him when he said "Sugar".

"No, Dada. Say 'Shit'!"

oops. I think this is all Grandma's fault.


Dad said...

Yes it must be Grandma's fault...all I've heard recently is that she's a saint...and it ain't easy livin' with a saint.

alexis said...

that's too funny. How about some pics of the dukes to go with the update?? :)