Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Style Journey- Day 6

I forgot to mention the "exercise" from Day 5- I was supposed to go through style mags and sites to discover new ideas for looks. Whoopsies- I had already done that on day 2...

Day 6 assignment was also a non-starter. The challenge was to thoroughly examine ones shopping habits to search for problems. (Such as buying too many tops and not enough bottoms or other trends) Since my problem is that I DON'T SHOP AT ALL. There was not really anything to look at

I am sort of getting to the bottom of my small pile of items that I can't figure out how to wear.

Oddly, both husband and the fabulous Mrs. H (seen posing with me above) made positive comments about the outfit I was wearing, although I felt a little silly in it most of the day. The piece I was working in was the "pirate" shirt, an item that I had made for me pre-baby for rock shows. It is very voluminous! I originally had it tucked in to the pants but it was so long that it was adding a lot of unpleasant bulk to my nethers. So after my first pee of the day I tried pulling it out. I think this could maybe work with a more fitted vest in a different pattern. Also oddly, Husband and Mrs. H said it was the shoes that made the outfit- whereas I kinda thought it looked better at work when I had heels on.... The shirt could maybe work wearing something under it (It's sheer), a big belt and a pencil skirt. I am totally interested in trying that look- I've never worn belts! But a little worried that it will just make my tummy more prominent.

I am going out of town tomorrow! So you will get a brief respite from my makeover posts. But I have lots of exciting plans- after all, I haven't gone shopping yet!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Nice shoes and a belt with that pirate shirt would be da'bomb!! I'd highly recommend that look. And I'd disagree that the shoes in the picture make that particular outfit. I wasn't nuts about them in the other picture and I'm still not nuts about them.

What a dick huh? Obviously all of my comments are well intentioned. Just another point of view!! :-)

kegz said...

Has anyone at work noticed your efforts so far on The Style Journey?

I like reading about it. I'm just not qualified to critique.

alexis said...

I love the idea you have for the belt and pencil skirt. I am not crazy about the striped shirt, but that's mainly because I don't dig stripes period.

And what do you mean you're going outta town?? I just finally got internet!!!

Dad said...

I just have to pass on comments on this outfit