Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Thoughts on Winter Biking- The Honeymoon phase?

Did you see that??

It's kind of hard to get a good picture of but that is some street grit
impressed into my face y'all!

Why yes, I am hardcore. Thank you for noticing!

The weather is now in the 30's. Winter biking is in full effect. Some thoughts:

- Here's the thing I thought I'd never say. When properly attired(and that is critical) it is actually quite pleasant to bike in the cold. The first day it dipped below freezing I put on all 3 layers I own and had to strip down after a mile. I was DYING of HEAT. I'm saving that middle layer and will try it again when it gets to 25-20.

- When there are 20mph winds (against me) the previous statement is retracted.

- I busted out the face mask shortly after the above pics were taken. My face is not only grit-free but enjoys a nice, breathy steam bath on the way to work instead of being whipped dry by the wind. However, gum or teeth brushing prior to riding is imperative.

- The mid-weight tights I bought are NOT going to cut it. Even w/a second layer on top of them, my skin is still cold to the touch after I take a shower!

- I have been seeing some spectacular winter sunrises ranging from pale blues and pinks to this mornings vibrant yellow, orange and fuchsia streaked with purple. I wish I had a camera attached to my helmet!


Bernice said...

I am very impressed with your grit (pun intended) to keep biking even tho the weather isn't the best

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Grit on your face but no smile! Seems like you'd be happy to have just biked home AND got blog material!!!

alexis said...

While it rains all the time, it does not typically get butt-ass cold here. I do like being all wrapped up and progressively getting warmer as I bike to work. But my ride is considerably shorter than yours.

Dad said...

Holy moly who would ever think of eldest daughter as kick-up extreme exercise girl!