Monday, December 10, 2007

Absolutely NO Picture Taking! This Means YOU!

Sorry for the continued laxity of posts. I ended up getting sick directly after my return home. Gah! No worries, I feel much better now. ;)

Last Saturday night was my “professional” belly-dance debut and as the title of this post suggests, there are no pictures to be had. The whole event was very fun and interesting and I must give big ups to my husband and our friends Mr. And Mrs. H who all came out in the freezing rain to support me.

The best that can be said of my own personal performance is that I managed not to eff anything up and I got through the whole thing. I was literally trembling through the first 3 minutes of a 6 minute song so I imagine I came off as pretty stiff. Also, just before the big finale I came up from a forward bend and exhaled hard enough that snot sort of shot out of my nose. (Just a sprinkle mind you) Luckily we were wearing masks so hopefully it wasn’t all that noticeable in the audience.

I was actually fairly surprised by how scared I was. Lord knows I have performed in front of enough audiences over my life span. I chalk it up to this being a new medium for me, and one that I am not real confident about at that. And this was the first time! Happily, I will have another opportunity to perform it next Saturday. (It’s in Elmhurst which is why I haven’t told anyone, but email me if you want to come- it is a mere $8) After all, the only way to get over my fear is repetition! (Also I will try to get some pix for youse guys)

As for the event, it was a “gothic” belly-dance show, so there was a wide variety of music, dance styles and costuming represented. The backstage “feel” of the show was definitely unique to any other performance I have done. There is definitely a community and even though many of the acts were from other nearby states a lot of the dancers seemed to know each other from other shows and events. One interesting (and nice) thing is that we were encouraged to view the show from the audience. I don’t know if it’s a dancer thing in general but having a “cover-up” of some sort appears to be essential. (something to wear over your costume. To save the surprise if you haven’t performed yet, or in the case of next weeks “family-friendly” event, I guess to avoid offending anyone by sitting next to them in a glittery bra?)

So now you know what I want for Christmas! ;)


alexis said...

better a sprinkling of snot than a downpour of pee. Way to shake'em Stef!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

That would have been fun to see! I'll be in Wisconsin for your next show. Damnit!!!