Friday, December 21, 2007

City Christmas Traditions

Well I forgot to upload pics last night to accompany this story, I'll try to add them later.

The ILs are in town for the holiday and they wanted to do all things "Chicago" so Husband and I ended up doing some traditional Chicago Christmas things. While I was at work Husband and the ILs took Miss D to the "Christmas Carnival" at Navy Pier. Normally husband and i do not like to be within spitting distance of the Pier, but considering the fun she had recently at Train Town he decided to go for it. Not worth the $20 parking and $15 fee each for Miss D and a parent to ride the rides. These rides were not up to snuff with the Train Town rides apparently and ended up mostly scaring her.

After work I met them at Marshall- I mean Macy's to gawk at the windows and dine at the Walnut Room. Very Chicago! I have viewed the Macy's windows in the past and never felt it was all that exciting, but obviously I was not looking at them with an almost 3-year olds eyes. She was absolutely enchanted with the nutcracker themed animitronics. (We were doing a lot of "ballet" dancing to music from the nutcracker around the house for a while- I cannot find a performance on TV to save my life though. Didn't PBS use to play the Mikhail Baryshnikov version every year? What up with that?)

Because I get off at 4pm we got into line at the Walnut Room around 5 and didn't have a very long wait. The room is really lovely and we were all duly impressed by the Martha Stewart tree. I just had a salad so I can't speak to the food although husband and IL's did say they were pleasantly surprised. (nobody was expecting much) They have a nice wine bar off to the side which looked like a pleasant escape for adults only. You get to enjoy the ambiance of the room without having to sit in the throng with all the kiddies. For said kiddies, there was a fairy princess making the rounds of the room granting wishes. She let Miss D hold her wand and sprinkled fairy dust (very fine glitter) on both Miss D's head and mine. (Both of our heads have been washed but I have a feeling we will be glittering through the new year)

Going to M-(oh I can't say it) was something that Husband and I would probably have never done of our own volition, but it really was a fun and magical time. Especially to experience it through Miss D's eyes. AS cliche as it is I think it is something we will definitely add to our holiday traditions as long as we live here.

Do you have any fun local holiday traditions that are cliche- but enjoyable nonetheless?


alexis said...

not for x-mas. I always wear orange for Queen's day though.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I used to try to have lunch at the Walnut Room at once every few years. Then I realized that I only had gone there once with each of my last three long term I think I'm going to stop doing that.

Dad said...

Actually I think you glitter all year.