Sunday, December 16, 2007

When two worlds collide...

Two of my new lifestyle choices clashed horribly last week. (Wearing makeup + Icebiking)

While many people may have seen me riding around in November and thought I was nuts, I did not feel that I was truly crazy until I took to the streets today.
What I learned:

-my mountain bike tires can handle slush snow under 1" in thickness with no problem, if it looks thicker than that, get ready to slip n' slide.

-even if my legs don't feel cold, the tights I have + long johns do not cut it when it's 15 degrees.

-current face mask is also not ready for below 20s

As I was composing my blog entry in my head during my ride I thought I would mention that I knew I was truly crazy for riding today because I didn't see another soul on a bike. Even when it is in the 30's I usually have 2-3 riders whiz past me on any given ride. But then when I got to North Avenue, 2 bikers did pass me. Although "whiz" is perhaps not the descriptive term to use in these road conditions.


The weekend was full of cleaning in anticipation of the IL's arrival on Wednesday. Saturday night I had my 2nd belly-dance performance. There

was someone there taking many pics. They haven't been emailed to me yet so when i get them i will post them and speak more in detail about the performance! It was a more relaxed atmosphere for sure and i purchased an eye glitter kit which I hope to work into my daily makeup routine. it can be applied subtly- I swear! I am amazed at how many people are involved in the belly-dance community, and in the burbs no less. It definitely attracts an interesting cross section of people.

Sunday we went to our good friend kegz's house for his birthday. We all got to play the latest version of Guitar Hero which was a lot of fun. I was reminded of why I am not a drummer. Kegz kept trying to get me to sing- but I was like I do that all the time! Usually when we get together Miss D and their little boy C get to play together. But C was napping when we got there and when we woke up went through a series of being various growly animals from a dinosaur to a bear to a lion. We left early because I was supposed to have band practice but when i got home I found out it was cancelled. Boo! But yay, because I got to spend a few more hours with my Miss D.


Dad said...

Whoa you are becoming the extreme biker there girl.

kegz said...

Thanks for coming over with the family. Playing Rock Band was a lot of fun. Sorry if Charlie was getting a little too much into his roaring animals. He's way into the dinosaur phase right now.

Pulisha said...

Grr. I posted a bid ole response and blogger ate it :( Essentially, you rock and I order Bare Escentials. Next up: wardrobe! You are truly my inspiration (and Hubs thanks you :)

alexis said...

ah raccoon eyes! Just happened to me yesterday, only I managed to wipe off most of it onto my new, white turtleneck. Although I now can sympathize a little better that you are nuts. It is just dipping below freezing here and man it's cold on that bike!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Wow, you're hardcore into biking. I can't possibly relate. If I were to do something like that, I'd be sweating so much by the time I got to work that I'd need to shower.