Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Style Journey- Where am i now?

It's hurt-yer-face cold outside. Here is that fashion post I've been promising. All of these outfits are from last week.

My original idea for this outfit was to use a blazer, but at the last minute I thought the brown blazer I have would look weird so I used a cardigan instead. I think it makes the ensemble look a little more "schoolgirl" than I intended. At work I had pumps instead of the boots. i think the boots make it look like I'm trying a little to hard. (Too young, too trendy- and late on the trend at that!) This skirt was one Husband picked out as part of a rash of online discount purchases. It's Old Navy and their sizes run large, I think it is meant to sit higher on your waist. It looks great if I am standing still but when i walked it poofed in an odd way. Any ideas on another way to wear the skirt?

This one I am pleased with. The sweater I got at the Benetton outlet store for $20 and I wish, wish, wish i had picked up more than one in different colors because i love it ever so. please disregard the messy room.

Pardon the blurry pic here. I've been wearing a lot more skirts and dresses so this was an attempt to bring pants back in on the scene. It's an ok look. I inevitably get comments when i wear the vest but I think I could get more creative. Suggestions welcome!


Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

o grasshopper, you have travelled far in your journey.

Dad said...

High points for the middle outfit.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I agree with your pops. Middle outfit.

It's even worse than hurt your face cold out. Hopefully you didn't bike into work today!

alexis said...

do you change when you get to work? Some outfits I can't wear when I bike. Some skirts for example, or peices that get sweaty easily, etc.

I like the sweater/blue shirt of the first picture though I think you're right the office is probably not it's natural environment.