Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Recording in Skokie

On Sunday I spent most of the day at a little uninhabited house in Skokie laying down tracks for a demo for the ex-JUPITER project. I neglected to bring my camera so unfortunately I have no pics. But we are doing a pick up night on Friday so hopefully I'll remember it then!

Working with the Shatwrights, TR and I have done a fair bit of home recording, but for some reason this set up was more fun/felt like a more laid back version of the real deal. (Time in a professional/paid-for studio) Maybe because there were more of us. maybe because everyone had stuff to do. (Nowadays when I get together w/TR to record it is usually just to do my parts- he does his on his own) Maybe because we were in a quirky location. But most likely because there was beer involved. Beer and rock just go together, and beer and rock on a Sunday afternoon can't be beat.

i am going to be a good girl and wait until the tracks are fully mixed before sharing them with you...But they are AWESOME!


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Can't wait to hear the end result!

alexis said...

any ex-jupiter members in the new endeavour aside from yourself? What are the others doing?

Dad said...

Beer and a lot of things can't be beat.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Shit, el supremo stole my line!

Sounds like a good time and I await the tuneage!

stef said...

lex- New project:
JUPITER -Gar + Tom Rajt.