Friday, March 28, 2008

I know it's old news but

I just finally got around to checking out stuff white people like today. I keep forwarding links to specific people based on content. Yes, they are all me. But this is especially me.

A great way to while away the last hours of your Friday workday.


Dad said...

Ha, ha - Love the fantasy about White Women and traipsing around Europe - though I think our resident person who is actually living the fantasy, AinA, would remind the fantasizers that it only works when they're rained upon.

You know my feelings on the wine thing...let the kids have it.

alexis said...

"White women have a lot of fantasies about idealized lives, and one of them is living in Europe and riding around an old city on one of these bikes. They dream about waking up and riding to a little cafe, then visiting bakeries and cheese shops and finally riding home to prepare a fancy meal for their friends who will all eat under a canopy with white Christmas lights."

Dude, that IS my life. With, as dad mentioned, the rain.

Tim said...

“Hey, thanks. Sincerely, The Earth.” (thumbs up.)!!