Thursday, April 17, 2008

Belly Dance Update

My sister inquired on her blog as to whether or not i was still belly-dancing. It's been ages since I posted about it but I am definitely still going to class.

I have been going now for a year and a half! After the excitement of doing the show in November and December I took a step back. (Encouraged by Husband) As many of you know I suffer from doing way too much most of the time so I realized that for now, I need to keep belly dancing as a once-a-week activity. So no shows for a while! The dance we are currently learning in class is very complicated and the girls who end up doing it are likely to have a lot of performance and rehearsal commitments that would be difficult for me to fulfill. But I can't deny that i get a little jealous when i hear other students discussing performance opportunities in class. Whatever. It's my choice! :)

An unexpected benefit is that I am starting to make some friends in class and have gone out for drinks a few times after class. This is nice because I haven't really made any new friends in a long time. (After all, I barely have enough time to see the friends I already have!) But I really think it is good to get out of my comfort zone and meet new and interesting people. There is a pretty diverse group of ethnicities and ages although all of us obviously share artistic leanings. It is particularly interesting to spend time with girls that are quite a bit younger than me. Such different priorities! It is easy to remember what I was like then although it feels like a century ago.


Dad said...

It's so interesting to see where your creative tendencies take you.

alexis said...

I just realized - mom and dad's children focus their energies more and more. you are the eldest and most diverse. Lisa I'd say with 3 kids, job, and some side interests is the in the middle. I am the youngest and least diverse - I throw myself into one or two things and that's it.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

That's great how belly dancing is working out for you. I'm hoping guitar is similar for me.