Friday, April 4, 2008

red shoe riot

It is amazing to me how much I have changed since I started my "style journey". For most of my life, I really couldn't understand why people (women mostly) could be obsessed with shoes and have millions of different pairs. But all it takes is a difference in your perception and suddenly one pair of brown shoes and one pair of black doesn't cut it any more. I need an espadrille wedge to wear with summer dresses, a black dressy flat for work or for shopping, a sparkly shoe, a yellow shoe(?).

You may remember I mentioned that I was looking for a red pump. From there, I further refined my vision to a red, retro, peep-toe pump. It is very rare to find exactly the item you imagine in your head at the store so when I saw these, I knew I had to have them. Even to the extent that i had to call other stores and scour the internet until I found them in my size. But I got them!

However, this post is not so much about my own lust for these shoes but about what happened afterwards. So far, I have worn these exactly twice- both times to the office. The first time I wore them, a girl stopped by the next day to ask me about them (she had seen them under my desk while I was at lunch). Subsequently, one co-worker thought she had the same shoes (turns out they're not the same but very close) and another swears she has the same pair at home. I have given out the brand and style to at least two other women and another woman stopped by my office specifically to ask to see the shoes "the whole office was talking about" (!!!!!!)

You may not understand what all the hubub is about but you've got to admit, them's some hot shoes.

(Yes, that is Miss Duke's little hand attempting to yank them off my feet so she could wear them!)


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Sweet! That's cool to have some validation in your shoe selection by other women in the office. Good for you!!!

Erin said...

So hot! Love the fishnets too. I like to wear fishnets with flats too to dress them up a bit...

Lookin' good, Stef! Can't wait to see the new look in person in a few weeks!

Dad said...

Those are certainly a 'hot' pair 'o' shoes. And who wouldn't love to be the trend setter in the office.

alexis said...

not to dismiss the shoes, but perhaps this also reflects on your officemates... ;) ??