Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shopping Blues

So springtime is finally here and my warm-weather wardrobe is sorely lacking. Although now I am going out shopping all the time, i am having trouble finding the items I want. Or the items I want for the price I want I should say.

Ever since I checked out the Spring runway shows and saw the circle skirts I knew I wanted it to be a rockabilly/doris day sort of summer. I am picturing capris (fitted to the calf) in black, khaki and some kind of bright or pastel like red, yellow or pink. Paired with short sleeved button downs and puff-sleeve blouses for work and hipster tees for play. Circle skirts and pencil skirts with the same tops and 50's style cinched-waist dresses. Such as those at trashy diva. (Check out the Abbie dress top row right corner- I am severely coveting right now. But alas, $250-too-much monies)

I have looked all over the shops and all over the net and just can't find exactly what I need at a price that doesn't make me scream. Boooooo.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

The abbie dress is on a water-stained mannequin! What's up with that? I like the Carrie dress or the Trixie dress better, but they are also mucho moola.

Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

thrift-it baby!

stef said...

easier said then done jason.

alexis said...

mwa hahahah - welcome to the dark side of fashion stef. The longing does not make the eventual purchase any sweeter I find. :(