Friday, May 30, 2008


yellowfront, originally uploaded by motherocker.

I guess this week is all about pics of me. Hee hoo!

But I had to tell the story of this dress to SOMEONE. And if not you, who?

I bought this dress for $22.50 at F21 a number of weeks ago and didn't try it on until I got home. The top gaped a little and needed alterations, but other than that it seemed cute. I hemmed and hawed on it. Not sure about the color, thought the cut might make me look dumpy, so on and so forth. Eventually i decided to keep it and put it on the alterations pile.

Cut to a week or two later- I still haven't taken my alterations in. I see it on top of the pile and think, "You know, I really have enough yellow clothing- I should just take it back."

So off I go to F21 and pick out a bunch of things to exchange for it (F21 only does store credit for returns). A cute headband, some knee socks, a shirt...take it up to the register only to find that the tag had been removed and they won't take it back. Doh! I must have snapped it off when I had made the decision to keep it.

My work shopping buddy said that the dress will end up being one of my favorites. And whaddaya know? I got it altered last week. I wore it yesterday and got about a million compliments and everyone was asking me where I got it.

The end.

PS. not sure about the "hooters" tights though...


Tim said...

I too, dig the dress..!! The whole get-up is pretty awesome.

You secretly wore yellow in support of the Lakers, didn't ya??..? ;)

Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

i love love LOVE this ensemble! well done stef! big ups from the big gay! :)

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

I like it! And when are we going to see some closeups of the new haircut?

Dad said...

Very Cute and.....Yellow!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Yellow is soooo springy!! Good for you. I like it.