Monday, June 30, 2008


Last week I was fairly lax in my bike riding as my parents were in town and my schedule got all off. But one thing I did try last week and am implementing this week is the idea of "interval training".

Generally my strategy on my fairly long ride is to keep a steady pace the entire way. This is mainly because I am afraid of wearing myself out before I reach my destination. Which is fine but I definitely feel like any benefits from biking have leveled off- especially since I bike so often now it is not a dramatic difference in the summer like I used to see.

Mom mentioned to me that her trainer had her do intervals on the machines at her gym and it made me think that it would be an easy technique to add to my ride to make it more challenging, without overextending myself.

All I do is change my pace at every stoplight I hit. It works out pretty interesting and it keeps me on my toes especially as the space between stoplights is by no means regular. Ahh, those damn 10 pounds will surely come off now.....


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Oh yeah, interval training is the way to go. Running on a treadmill is great and all, but if you don't vary the speed, you don't get as good a workout. Good for you!!

Dad said...

Wild Bill, who I hike with and coaches a variety of sports, has always advised that changing up the work out is essential for optimum benefits. So you might even think of different variations with the stop light pattern - such as two rapid segments in a row then two slow segments or three different pace variations.