Thursday, June 19, 2008

No more picture laden posts for you today. Sorry!

The summer bikers have officially started and I actually had to wait for a shower at the bike station yesterday. Boo! I always say I am excited to see more people biking but when it comes to fighting for showers and hairdryers I am less altruistic. Here's hoping the less motivated will drop off once the weather gets REALLY hot.

I got my first mani-pedi of the season yesterday and Miss D is entranced. We have our girls night tonight while husband is playing softball so I've promised to do her toes. (hands have to wait until thumb-sucking is over)

Miss D keeps asking us to teach her to read. We read books every day and I have started to sound out words with her but I'm wondering if there's something else I can be doing or any really good books she could start with? She's only 3 but she knows her alphabet backwards and forwards and has a lot of the sounds down.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I wonder what they are going to do if gas prices stay high (I don't believe they will) and more and more people bike into work? Are we going to become like the Europeans and just not care if we smell bad all day?? Arrgghhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Miss D will learn like you did. Just by you(Mom) reading the same stories over and over again to her while pointing out the words.


PS Can't wait to see you all!

Dad said...

The desire to share the exercise lanes in solitude gene must go all the way back to O-I. I feel the same way when I'm hiking. I hate it when the fair weather hits and the trails get crowded. I revel when it gets bitchy hot or cold and the not so committed stay at home.