Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Recordings...perhaps

One of the pleasant surprises of our first show out was that we met a young man who is interested in recording us. I'll call him Vader, because that's how he introduced himself to me. He is young (although he has to be at least 21), but he seems very sweet and has a charm about him.

So why would we be interested in recording with a young person without a lot of experience? Well, he is a student at Flashpoint Academy. Flashpoint is a new college-type program devoted exclusively to media arts including sound engineering, film, and video game building. Sounds like fun! For a mere (UPDATED PER A COMMENT) $25,000 a year you come out of it with no degree but I would hope some job contacts or else you are probably screwed.

Anywho, the place is well appointed with top notch equipment and space. Incidentally, one of my bandmates (Danimal) was lead(? or at least heavily involved) architect on the build out of the space, so he has intimate knowledge of it's accoutrement's and capabilities.

So- what do we have to lose? It will certainly be better than trying to record ourselves again. We learned after our last experience that we do not have the expertise or equipment to properly record drums, so if we do decide to record ourselves again we will most likely have to pay for studio time at least to get the drums down. Recording at Flashpoint would enable us to all play at the same time, while having all the amps in separate rooms which would be at absolute first for us. Every other recording opportunity we've had we've mostly had to all be in the same room. (This means that if someone messes up you have to play the whole thing over again. Having the amps miked separately means that you could potentially punch in a single instrument that had a goof) Additionally, we might actually be able to capture a closer to live energy. Which honestly, we've never really done in a recording.

Vader came by our practice last night and seems very interested in recording us and seems to feel that he can get us in the studio as a class project for himself. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed!


kegz said...

Good news on the recording lead.

40k? Wow. I'm really out of touch with what I thought a program there would cost.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great opportunity for your band! Hope it works out.

cubedude89 said...

Flashpoint is 25 thousand per year. I hope it works out for you. Have fun!

stef said...

Thanks cube dude!

Dad said...

Vader? Only one I know with a name like that is missing a hand.

alexis said...

maybe Vader as in, veda with a midwestern accent? "I'm gonna headon dawn to thu aaashram and chants me sum vaders"