Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Picking corn

Have you ever seen corn on the plant? I mean, right up close like this not from the highway as you drive by a field.

It's crazy but I never really had before. Aunt B. had four rows planted back when we came for the reunion in early July but it was too young then. I was super excited to pull off (and eat!) fresh corn right off the stalk. Aunt B. did give a fabulous tutorial which I managed to catch on video, but bloggers capabilities are pretty limited in that respect so I'll have try uploading it to youtube or flickr later.

The gist of it is: look for the silk on the top to be blackened. Open up the husk enough so you can see the kernels. They should be largish and tight against each other. If they are not, the ear is not ready and you should leave it on the plant. Another trick is to press your fingernail against a kernel until it bursts. If juice spurts out- it's ready. If not, leave it on the plant. If it is ready then you can angle the ear downwards and twis, twist,twist until it pops off.

Voila! The yummiest corn you've ever had ever. For realz.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Oddly enough I don't think I've ever been THAT up close to a fresh stalk of corn. Kids in my neighborhood used to make good money de-tasseling corn every summer. Tough, dirty, hot work. I wonder if they have machines for that now?

Dad said...

First welding - now farming!

alexis said...

damn, look how warm and sunny it is there, boo hoo hoo hoo!