Thursday, August 7, 2008

Running Around

Not much to report this week. I haven't been doing much other than job searching and spending time outside with the Dukes.

It is so rare that we have mild pleasant weather here. I am trying to get outside with her every night. We've settled into a little routine. As soon as I get home from work I make dinner. Then after dinner we head out to the yard or the playground.

She is still very fond of the chase games. Particularly if I am some sort of creature like a "big fish" (she's then a little fish) or I am a pirate ("Arrr!") or a zombie (that's a new one from school)that she must run away from shrieking and giggling . We establish a chase pattern such as this recent one at home:

-start at her plastic "house" by the real house. I am on the steps to the basement, we are both "sleeping"

- "It's morning time!" she slides down the slide and starts running down the sidewalk towards the back gate.

- I lumber after her ("Arrrrr!") cutting through the grass and "hiding" behind the serviceberry

- She comes running back down the sidewalk and I "surprise" her by coming around the other side of the serviceberry and follow her down the sidewalk to point of beginning.

- Repeat until bored. (her not me. or it would probably end a lot sooner.)

Most amusing: If I don't time it right- she says "You wait there pirate!" until she gets in her "house"(=safe place). too funny


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I'm going to try that with the cops next time they try to pull me over for speeding, "You wait there Mr. Policeman....." and then speed off.

Tim said...

Seriously, pirates are cool.!!

Dad said...

Definitely like the chase games but definitely can't outlast the child - ever.

alexis said...

hahaha, I LOVE it - thanks for sharing, I miss that sort of stuff!