Monday, September 8, 2008

The busiest weekend

Cleaning avoided, yet again.

Civil Servant played the Flesh Hungry Dog Show at the Jackhammer Friday night. JUPITER had played there once a couple of years ago and had a blast and this time was just as, if not more fun. Our best show to date for sure.

Saturday i took the Dukes out for some activities I planned and happened upon a bunch more. First we went to Target in an attempt to find the shmooties I have been lusting over for several weeks that were just released. Sadly, they were not in store but we did score Miss D some fabulous sponge bob slippers and a new disney movie. Her first princess movie, The Little Mermaid.

My plan then was to take her to Lincoln Square for a sandwich and a visit to the library. As I drove past Lincoln on Wilson I noticed the police barricades and thought "Oh no, Germanfest! I will never find parking!) But miracle of miracles a spot opened up half a block from lincoln on wilson and I realized it was destiny. For those of you not in the know, Lincoln Square puts on two german-sponsored festivals a year, one in May (Mayfest theme) and one in September ("Applefest", it would be "Octoberfest"- but Octobers are too cold here). Other than the names there is little to distinguish between the two. they both have the exact same set up (two big "beer hall" tents with stages and a fairway, the exact same food (brats natch, strudel and pretzels), and both have the same giant plastic steins of beer that make the event so popular with everyone. When Husband and I lived in the neighborhood we pretty much went every single time. Miss D and I each got a pretzel and we toured the grounds which were pretty quiet that early in the day. She expressed interest in obtaining a flag and a very nice man gave her a paper flag. I figured that was about all Miss D could enjoy of the Applefest so we popped into Potbelly's to grab a sandwich to share and then visited the Cold Stone creamery next door (a first time for both of us) where she got chocolate ice cream w/m&ms. Then we decided to hit the playground at Wells Park. As we were walking down Lincoln I saw that the entire street had been blocked off. There was going to be a parade soon- looks like that flag she got would come in handy. We visited the playground and gave the big girl swings quite a workout before heading back to grab some butt-space on the pavement for the parade. Miss D I think saw a parade at Disneyland, but this was the first "Neighborhood" parade she had been to, and mine too now that I think of it. She loved the marching bands and the floats and especially all the stuff that was thrown out such as candy, beaded necklaces and stickers. (She was particularly fond of a blue Tony Peracia sticker- go figure.) After the parade we went into the library (conveniently located right behind us) where I proceeded to pick up a bunch of books that are probably a little too wordy for her. Whew! After that I was exhausted. So it was movies and takeout for the evening.

Sunday I got to sleep in. (10 hours!- sorely needed) I dropped Miss D off with Mr. and Mrs. H and went to the dance studio to sew coins on a bra for my belly-dance costume. Who knew it would take 3 hours to do that? Then to the Danimal's house for a book-club-cum-bbq-party. The kids in attendance ranged in age from almost 5 to a little under 3 and they all had a riotous time playing with each other (and shrieking. Too much fun. Definitely have to to it again very soon.


Dad said...

You are one great Mom - and a belly dancer to boot - Hey maybe that's why you're the "MotherRocker".

Bernice said...

What a great day. You have set the bar high for Miss D.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Holy crap! Pretty much any ONE of those things was about all I did on Saturday. Heck, I didn't do much more on Sunday. I wonder if Miss D knows how lucky she is?

alexis said...

awwwwwwwwww, what a great weekend!!! Sounds like a fantastic day in Chi-town with the little lady. :)

Tim said...

congrats on your show..!!