Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeling Fashion-y

PROJECT RUNWAY (Some spoilers)

Firstly- Yay Jerrell!
Secondly- How depressing was it that Suede slipped through yet again? Especially when I was sitting there the whole episode thinking "Terri would have ROCKED that photographer look") sigh.


A Fall Jacket (Waist-length)

Fall Florals. I have never EVER worn florals. At least not since I was like 7. But there are so many cool ways to wear it these days. I am thinking a dress for sure. Layered with a solid cardigan and tights.

Pattern in general. I am trying to get better about this but I definitely need more in my wardrobe. I am thinking mainly blouses and shirts but skirts and dresses would be good too. And SWEATERS which leads me to...More sweaters! More fun sweaters. I have a lot of thin ones. But I'd like some chunkier ones. The trick is to find ones that aren't itchy.

A denim skirt. I don't have one right now. But what says fall more than a denim skirt and tall boots?

A ruffley blouse. This is a big fall trend but I've actually been looking for one in a jewel tone since last spring.

And some boots. And I think that's it. I probably won't end up getting all these things. But it's fun to think about!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Boots, boots, boots, boots, boots. We like boots!!!

Dad said...

Let's just say that my comments on style really aren't worthy to be called comments.

alexis said...

ruffles have been in in a big way here for at least two years now. Unfortunately for me, I really don't prefer them.