Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If it’s not one thing…

It’s a goddamned nother.

There are some minor sniffles and itchy eyes, but for the most part we are on the mend. Then on Friday night our car broke down. That’s right, our 2004 BMW that recently ended dealer warranty over the summer. Oh we had a full overhaul before the warranty ended and we purchased a new warranty, which was cheaper than BMW and is looking like it might be not as good an idea as we thought it was at the time. (sigh)

We suspect it is a ghost in the machine, on Friday the car shifted into neutral after coming to a stop and refused to go into gear. After several frustrating hours for Husband, (call the dealer for a tow- oh no you have to call the warranty company and they will tell you a tow company to use- oh by the way shop is closed all weekend.) The car went into gear and he was able to get it home to our garage. Amusingly enough on Monday when the tow company came it refused to shift out of 1st gear so the regular tow truck was unable to move it and Husband then had to wait an additional 2 hours for a flatbed to arrive.

So the service shop will not even be looking at the car until tomorrow. And you cannot get a loaner or be reimbursed for a rental until the service shop and warranty hash it out over the phone and it is proven that the car will need to be serviced for more than 4 hours.

Hey Hey! Good times.

So we bit the bullet and will be shelling out the dollars that we do not have for a rental for today and tomorrow as public transportation is not an option for all our morning travel needs. (Getting child to and from school, husband work is not conveniently located, etc.)

I am doing my best to stay very zen about the whole thing. After all, we all have our health and these things are minor in the grand scheme of things. But they are VERY ANNOYING!


Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

It was after several similar occurences with the Mini that we decided to sell it and get the Honda, which has never broken down. The straw that broke the camel's back was the $2000 clutch we had to have. Oh, and having to get it up to Lake Bluff every time it broke down. :(

kegz said...

Cars suck.

Anonymous said...

A couple things:

1. We had similar issues with our old Lexus - it was acting "possesed." We ended up having to replace the computer system in the car.
2. My bro manages a shop. It's in Glenview, but I always go to him. And he always gives out loaners, free of charge. Don't know if you have to go to certain shops with your warranty, but thought I'd mention it. Lisa

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Yep, that sounds like a mess. Zen. Zen. Zen.

Dad said...

When Zen fails try random public violence

Tim said...

That's horrible. I hope it's something minor within the transmission. Kegz is right, cars do suck!! I am always afraid of something happening and receiving a huge bill.

Some warranties that are not under the dealership, can be really shitty, BTW.

Good luck

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

ESDNM...ha!! Random public violence. That's funny.

Yes, stay positive. At least you: 1) weren't in the middle of driving on a long trip somewhere (like Ohio) when it happened 2) didn't have a vertigo attack while driving 3) have some sort of viable option, though a bit costly. Hopefully the insurance will come through and pick up the tab.

Time to start the "things you're grateful for" segment of your blog. :-)

alexis said...

that is bad news, and you guys love your beamer!