Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The Good news is that the garage door was an easy fix. In fact, if we had hit the button one more time it would have fixed itself before we left in the morning. C'est la vie.

The Bad news is that the car will be in the shop through Thursday. I am trying not to hyperventilate about the rental car cost, but wait until we see how much the warranty will reimburse us. As of yesterday, the warranty company was refusing to cover $375 worth of software required to make the new parts in the car work. Why? Because this software is an upgrade and not the original software that came with the car. Of course, the original software no longer exists because it has been upgraded since 2004, possibly to prevent issues such as the one we currently have. ho ho ho. These are the problems of the future ladies and germs. Husband called the warranty company to explain, and the rep said he should have the customer service rep at the shop call them back and explain it to them as he did and they would probably cover it.

On a positive note, even if we had to eat the $375 and the rental car the cost of the repairs will pay for the cost of the warranty. Whew!

For some reason, I keep feeling like all these crazy annoying karmic events (they are mainly inconveniences after all and have not done us any real harm) are being paid for something big and good around the corner.

3 Things:
- A PT Cruiser is not a bad car to drive around. Better than a Caliber - even if it doesn't have satellite radio.
- I have chanterelles and asparagus in my fridge and will be cooking them in something delicious tonight.
- NPR. It makes the long dull day full of repetitive tasks that much easier.

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Dad said...

Love that attitude sweetie

Want REAL GOOD karma? Make sure some of those chantarelles are left over in the fridge when I get there on Wed :)