Friday, December 19, 2008

Still Home

Husband and I quibbled yesterday over whether it was necessary to fill the prescription for an antibiotic for the Dukes. He thought we should put her on it and I thought she had a virus and she seemed to be much better. Guess who was right?

Not me.

So another day at home, which is not so bad considering the snow storm today, but I will have to venture out with her in the car to the pharmacy to fill the prescription. Went back and forth about it forever because she didn't have a fever last night. She did have one this morning but it comes right down with ibuprofun. I googled it to see if it would be ethically reasonable to take her to school and came up in a gray area. But ultimately decided I wouldn't feel comfortable as a parent knowing I had sent her to school when she should be on an antibiotic. (sigh)

3 Things:
- Children's Motrin and Tylenol. They always help a little, and sometimes a lot.
- Belly Dance class. It's a great workout!
- People taking it easy on snow covered roads. Its scary when you can't see the lane markings on the highway.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I'm thinking if the doc says take anti-biotics, I would take them. Just make sure she takes the ENTIRE prescription. No savezies.

And it's ok to be wrong once in a while! Would you really want to be married to someone who was ALWAYS wrong?

Anonymous said...

I was in a similar situation with Jonas. The doc gave me a prescription, but said it was up to me whether to start it. I held off for a couple days, but he wasn't getting better. He's been on it only a few days and the cough and congestion are gone. I think maybe there was some low level infection. Lisa

Dad said...

I agree with Lakeview. You don't want her sick when you're traveling for sure.

And what are the chances of of my ever agreeing with Lakeview!

alexis said...

sorry for the radio silence, I hope the Dukes is well in time for travel! That would not be fun!

stef said...

Oh no Lisa! Not you too!. When did he get over croup?