Thursday, February 12, 2009

Children's Parties

First I just want to say that was some interesting responses to my post yesterday. Is financial ruin inevitable? No. Is it a very real possibility? yes. There is so much up in the air that is out of our control. (job security, the housing market, the stock market) We are just waiting and seeing. Like everyone else. But trying to be mentally prepared should the worst happen.

On to more pressing topics!

As soon as the baby shower was over I started to obsess about Miss D's birthday. (What can i say? It is my nature!) Originally she wanted to invite a small group of school friends, which then shrank to one school friend. But then I started to worry that none of these school friends would show up. So I am now thinking to invite all of our adult friends that have children near in age. Then i am wondering if we should include our Chicago "family" that either have no children or very young children, but Miss D thinks of them as her own friends (not her Mom and Dad's!).

I am not sure what the preschool etiquette is. The few parties Miss D has been invited to (none of which we have attended, eeeeee) were affairs where the entire class was invited. So I am not sure what the social interaction is at this age, if I only invite a few classmates will the others be upset? Inviting the entire class might not be that big of a deal as I am sure a great deal of them would not come. (like me!)

So as you can see this whole thing is starting to spiral. I should mention that cost is not really a factor as it is going to be a pretty low-key event. Thoughts would be appreciated!

3 Things:
- The wonderful, warm atmosphere at Arabesque
- liquid eyeliner (practice makes perfect!)
- The real surprise and pleasure in your child's voice when you come home from being out all night and kiss her goodnight


Anonymous said...

Stef - For Ella's parties, I have always invited the entire class. And both times everyone came, except for a couple. However, I did not have the parties at my house. The people who have done parties in their homes have invited just the girls in the class or picked a few families that they know best. If I had a party at our house, I'd keep it real small, especially since it's likely to be an indoor event. If it were summer and you could throw a pool party, that's a different story. Hope that helps. Lisa

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Yeah, I got nuthin'. Sorry Stef. Child party etiquette is not up my alley and I'd probably just lead you astray! Listen to big sis! Or little sis, I never get your ages right.

alexis said...

lisa's advice sounds good but you could always ask the teacher of her class.

Dad said...

I suggest leaving everything to your wife while you go out with the guys


Damn that was supposed to be for John

Tim said...

Invite everyone you know, it's so rare you get to hang with the people you care about most, besides b-days are only once a year...Y would probably be stoked!
In regards to her class, try to find out who Y hangs with most and just invite them...I can't really see preschool kids getting offended or running to their parents about no invite, they'll probably just start picking their noses, pick up a toy, and move on. :)

kegz said...

From everything Cardinal has told me, "Never invite all the boys in the class to your home, unless you need demo work done."

Pulisha said...

Hmm, speaking from the mommy POV in this house, I say to keep it simple. C's parties have always been just a few close friends. Even with just a few pre-schoolers you will be swamped with keeping them busy and on task (there's always one that wnats nothing to do with the activity you have planned). Also, parties can be mighty expensive these days. For C, now that she's older, we generally do sleepovers (which are free, yay!). For J, we'll have a few friends over for about 2-hours with pre-planned activities like edible play-doh, cereal and candy necklace making, and maybe some balloon games, along with time for cake and presents.

Of course, we don't have the same issue with having lost of friends in the same general area. Whatever you choose, I'm sure Y will have the time of her life! :)