Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Salad

The key i think to cooking with kids is to make the dish your making "special in some way. Miss D helps me cook all the time- but half the time she won't eat what we made even though she had fun making it!

RM (of SRM fame) has been in town for a conference and we luckily got to spend a few hours with her last week. Doing what you ask? Cooking of course! We made a tasty root vegetable gratin and "Valentine Salad." We parboiled some cauliflower, chopped some red pepper and made a red wine vinaigrette seasoned with savory. The result?

Yummy! And pretty, and gobbled by all of us, especially Miss D.

3 Things:
- Cooking with loved ones
- Unsolicited "I love you"s from your child
- Long phone conversations with good friends while you complete mind-numbing tasks at work


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Seems so funny that Ms. D won't eat the food that she helped make. Kids are funny.....

alexis said...

gosh she is getting so big, and I just saw her in DEcember!