Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Car 2

I am not feeling very full of blog fodder lately.

Monday night I had band practice and husband joked that riding in our truck was always an adventure- as you never knew if you would reach your destination or not. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned out other vehicle, a 1990 Mazda pickup. It leaks oil and the pipe from the engine to the muffler fell off about a year ago and the bumpers are covered in rust- but it goes and it is helpful to have a second vehicle sometimes, though we cannot legally transport our child in it.

I mainly take it to band practice as out practice space is in a bit of a sketchy area. The truck has been much more reliable than the beamer of late so I laughed at Husband's comment and went merrily on my way to practice. When we left at 12pm I went to start the truck and.....nothing happened. At all. No lights on, no turnover of any kind, nothing. I didn't realize I had jumper cables in the truck behind the seat or we would have given that a try, as it was I caught a ride home with another band member.

After work yesterday, Husband and I sped over to see if there was anything we could do. Wondering if this was "it" for the truck and it had finally died forever. Or at least where the cost of fixing it would outweigh the value of the vehicle. Husband tried to turn it on. He opened the hood. Swore a little. Pulled at the cables connected to the battery. Decided to check if the connectors were loose. They were. tightened them. Got back in the car and it turned on. Huzzoo! Too bad I don't know anything about cars or I might have figured it out myself Monday night. Although in my defense, neither of the two band members that were with me made any suggestions either.

Yesterday was SO beautiful. I sat outside and let Miss D run free in the playlot outside her school for an hour after school.

3 Things:
- Sunshine
- working vehicles
- watercolor paint in spray bottles


Renee Michelle said...

Sunshine is a think to be treasured, isn't it? And what's the watercolor in spray bottles being used for?

Dad said...

I never cease to be amazed that that truck continues to keep working.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Wow, an unreliable truck in the middle of the night! Yikes. Loose battery cables is not an "obvious" fix, so nice job by hubs to figure it out.

alexis said...

I must remind myself of the woes of a car when I run into bike troubles.

Pulisha said...

I must agree, Dad. Even I remember that car, and we haven'tlived in the same house for over 16 years! ;) Glad to hear that it was an easy proble to fix, though.