Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miss D at 4

4 is an amusing age. I cannot believe the amount of things that you do by yourself now. Last night you went in the refrigerator and got yourself your own string cheese snack. I also cannot believe how many times you still ask me and your Dad to help you do tasks I KNOW you can do yourself. (Like putting your shoes on!)

I feel like you're entering another boundary testing phase. Now you are attempting to battle us with logic. 4 year old logic. But a battle of the wits with you is an interesting experience nonetheless.

Last night you tried your hand at throwing a tantrum. It seemed to me that your heart wasn't really in it. More that you were trying it out as a tactic. After I left you alone for a few minutes you came out of you room. Done and ready to apologize.

You are such a girl. You like to wear your birthday tiara (2 months after the fact)or your princess headband every day of the week. You are starting to play a bit more on your own, but you prefer it when someone will play with you.

You used to prefer hanging out with the grown-ups at gathering, but now we bore you easily.

You are SO creative and innovative. The things I have received the most compliments on (parenting-wise) were items that were all your idea. Such as being a bowl of macaroni and cheese for Halloween and having a bowling party for your birthday. (One of your friends is having a bowling party herself this weekend- you little trendsetter!)

You remain perceptive and empathetic, more likely to stand up for others than yourself. On the playground, if I am around, you will look to me to get the kid in front of you to go down the slide instead of asking them yourself.

A child at school called you a baby for sucking your thumb and it ruined your afternoon. You didn't tell the teacher, but you told us in the car on the way home. Your Dada and I tried to tell you what to say when something like that happens, but I don't know if we handled it right at the time. I wish I knew if you were looking for a fix, or sympathy, or just an ear.

You love to run, and dance and jump and climb. Thank goodness we bought the couches we did- purposefully knowing they would be ruined by children eventually.

It is magic to watch you become more and more your own person.


alexis said...

wow, thank you for sharing!!

Dan said...

That was great. I loved that!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are growing up. Ella lost her first tooth today. The whole thing caught me off-guard. I just thought we had at least a year or so. It kind of makes me sad - I only have so long to appreciate her little baby tooth smile. Lisa

Dad said...

Nicely written and lovely sweetie.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Cool. A memo to D for the future.

Pulisha said...

I love these types of posts, Stef. Y is going to so appreciate them when she is older. Isn't is amazing how much they are learning? It seems all new again with each subsequent child, too. I love it! :)