Monday, May 18, 2009


It is with some sadness that I noticed we have been spending less and less time with people that were our closest friends for years.

Some is due to circumstance, a lot to do with scheduling, some is due to life and hard lessons.

I trust that the nature of friendships is to ebb and flow, and that if relationships are meant to be they will find a way to continue- even if the expressions have changed.

But I feel the loss anyway.


Dad said...

...One of the truly more painful and difficult lessons a long life teaches.

tim said...

We have relocated quite a few times in the past few years and some of this has shown me who my true friends are. Dad is right, this is a very painful lesson :(

alexis said...

hrmm, that doesn't sound good! I think it is the nature of our western lifestyle. Especially when you get a family.

Pulisha said...

Life is hard on friendships, but the wonderful thing is that with all the great social networking tools out here you can always reconnect with friends as your life circumstances ebb and flow. Tim is right in that we are used to making and losing friends with each move, but there are a few that I still keep in touch with over the years from my various assignments & college. Hugs to you!