Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long Weekends are the Best

I hope everyone had a nice memorial day weekend. Mine was the perfect combination of socializing, relaxation and getting things done.

Saturday I took Miss D for a picnic and playdate in Skokie with my friend S and her daughters A and M. Then the whole family headed out to Old Orchard where I was finally able to score some maternity dresses. Husband spoiled Miss D rotten stocking up on sales at both Children's Place (flip flops, sunglasses) and the Disney Store (a ballerina outfit, two princess dolls). And both Miss D and I got haircuts with my bandmate H. Miss D truly looks like a rockstar with her new hair!

Sunday we spent the morning in the yard planting all the vegetables and herbs we bought at the organic plant sale last week. We were nervous that we would lose a few since we waited so long. But the plants seem to be very happy in the ground and all look well so far. Miss D and I relaxed a bit in the afternoon. Then I made a rhubarb crisp in anticipation of our friends the Misters Jones coming by for a BBQ. The weather was a bit chilly so ate inside. It was so nice to see them, it had been months!

Monday I took Miss D to her friend Charlie's house to hang out for a looooong time. (trying to stay out so Husband could study for his LEED exam this week) She had her first big fall off a swing, but other than that we had a very nice time. They also lent us Boom Blox (A Wii game) so when we got home, Husband took a study break and he and Miss D played it for most of the night.

Hope everyone else had as enjoyable a time!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Good for you! Sounds like a nice weekend. Indoor and outdoor fun.

Dad said...

Sounds like a very lovely weekend.

Good luck to the Hubs on the test.

'Scored' on some maternity dresses??? Just doesn't seem like the kind of thing one 'scores' on :)

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Big exams are the worst. I wish him the very best!

alexis said...

what a great weekend- I am surprised it'd been that long since you saw Mr Jones too. Ppl being busy!