Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Bits- Mainly Baby

For those of you lost to the "steampunk" genre, I hope you realized there is a link embedded on the last post on the word itself that will direct you to the wikipedia entry on the topic.

I haven't written about my pregnancy for a while, mainly because I have been feeling much better. There hasn't been a lot of revelation going on. Except that I am now feeling the baby move at least once a day. This is nice because I am starting to get excited about the thought of the baby, (It's more real) and much less focused on all how horrible I feel. I am still stuck in the not-quite-pregnant looking stage. Just sort of looking thick around the middle. joy. I have two pairs of regular pants I can still fit into (they were big and they ride low) so I mainly wear them and the maternity dresses I bought. I did try to wear a pair of maternity jeans last weekend but they just kept falling off.

I scored some majorly discounted tix to Mary Poppins at the Cadillac Palace for Miss D and myself in 2 weeks. Soooooooo excited! (She is too I think)

My IL's come in to town tonight for a long weekend and we have lots of fun stuff planned.

I am eating cheezits and coffee for breakfast.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Bwah-ha-ha, you got spammed by Bounty!!

I did indeed check out the Steampunk link, so thanks for putting that in. Just not my bag!

Cheezits and coffee?? Ok, that's gross. Pregnant or not, that's gross. Clean it up woman!!

Dad said...

IL's in town...I see frozen custard and home improvement projects in your future.

Give them our best.

Dad said...

Oh those clever links. Hey, I'm probably definitely in the Steampunk category. Think of all those Dr. Who adventures.

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

I prefer Goldfish to Cheezits, myself.

Glad to hear you've been feeling better.

alexis said...

well spamming aside, I wouldn't mind seeing belly pictures when it's that time! :)