Monday, July 27, 2009

garden bounty

Not to make it a yard- centric week, but we are finally starting to see some edible things in our vegetable garden. I should probably go back and look at my archives, but it seems to me that this time last year we were already harvesting tomatoes and such. This year so far the tomato plants and cucumbers are lousy with fruit but they don't seem to be in any great hurry to turn colors and/or reach maturity. The pepper plants are very tiny and each have a few tiny peppers, but they too don't seem like they want to turn colors yet. dangit. The broccoli and brussles sprouts aren't doing anything yet but getting bigger and bigger.

I was getting impatient so I harvested the beets week ago. I probably should have waited a little longer so they got a bit bigger.
They were fine. Not particularly tasty. It is always disappointing when something you've put time and effort into isn't the best thing you've ever eaten. Shouldn't something you've grown yourself automatically taste better then something from the store? Sadly, no.

The chard turned out well though.
Swiss chard is a great green to grow because you can leave it in your garden and harvest from it continually all season by just taking the outer leaves. It does tend to get a bit more bitter mid-season but then is sweet again in the fall.

It seems to me I read somewhere that broccoli will re-flower too. Does anyone know if that is true or am I crazy?


Dad said...

Man I love Swiss Chard. I think you can use the beet greens too.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

No idea on the broccoli, sorry. I wonder if the cool and wet summer has anything to do with the size and color of the veggies? Maybe August will bring a bounty now that it's heating up!

Bernice said...

Yes, the broccoli grows back when you cut off the first large head. After that they are a lot smaller, but just as good.

alexis said...

that chard is beautiful indeed! way to go green thumb gal