Monday, October 26, 2009

Everyone Loves a Parade

One of Miss D's school friends invited her to go to a neighborhood Halloween parade over the weekend. It was about 3 blocks, had a million children, adults and dogs in costumes and there was trick-or-treating at all the local businesses afterwards.

I am a sucker for a marching band in general. But a marching band dressed as zombies and playing "Thriller"? Irresistible.

Here is a shot of Miss D's costume (and my giant belly). She chose to be a Lightning Bug this year. Thank goodness her Grandma Sandy came to the rescue and made it this year! On her back is the light-up butt which is a Tupperware filled with glow-sticks. Unfortunately they don't do much in the daytime. i am thinking for her school Halloween party about sticking my bike light in there instead. It is red- but it blinks!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

What's the deal with all of the kids doing Halloween the week before?? We noticed that on the way back from the airport yesterday. Halloween is Saturday, so why don't they just trick or treat then? It's perfect!!

stef said...

oh they will trick or treat then too- they just have all these neighborhood events the week before. It's like a whole halloween season now!

Mom said...

What a cute custume. Sandy did an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Was that trick or treat on Southport? They have all these trick or treat events in the city (Lincoln Square and North Center have them, too). In my experience living in the city for the past 12 plus years, some areas are awesome for trick or treating, and some stink (multi-units don't really lend themselves to trick or treating). Rather than searching out a good street, many people tend to opt for the organized events - which is why I avoid them! Glad Ms. D enjoyed it, though. Lisa

Dad said...

I actually think you look pretty trim for a 9 month term Momma.

I was soooo disappointed that there was no butt shot :(

I think the whole idea of the parade and the businesses doing trick or treat is really neat.

stef said...


it was Roscoe Village, but I heard Southport's was the same day. The parade was fun but the trick or treating was a total nightmare I have to say!