Thursday, October 8, 2009


At my last doctor visit, the doc told me that if I hadn't experienced it already, i could expect to feel some cramping and pressure in the near future. This is apparently common in subsequent pregnancies.

With my first pregnancy I never felt anything until I had some Braxton Hicks the week before she actually showed up. As I hadn't felt anything up to that point i wasn't too concerned. But it showed up a few days ago.

It doesn't happen very often, but twice they have woken me out of a deep sleep. It feels like a low-level labor pain. Well I say low level, but it is obviously enough to wake me up! Then i lay there in the dark for a while freaking out that I may be going into pre-term labor.

Stupid body getting ready for birth.

On the other hand, I had completely forgotten what labor pains felt like. The first time this happened I was like "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, NOW I remember". Remember why I'll be getting an epidural that is.


Dad said...

One of the miracles of life is the ability of women to COMPLETELY forget everything they disliked about pregnancy each time the hormones hit insisting they should have another baby - followed of course by the inevitable remembrance during the actual pregnancy itself :)

Anonymous said...

I had lots of pressure with J. I specifically remember when the band went on a road trip to New York and I was 35 weeks pregnant. I was eating at an I-Hop in Glenview pacing back and forth with tons of pressure and I was sure I was going into labor while Dan was out of town. That actually continued for weeks and by the time I was induced, J was one-third of the way down already! Lisa

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Ugh. That sounds awful. Getting woken up by pain sucks.