Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update on Baby Life

I definitely feel like I am in much better shape mentally this time around. I remember distinctly around the 2 week point with Miss D having a total mental breakdown. Now we did have the added stress of having just moved in to a new house, and the fact that parenthood was totally new and we were so concerned about doing something wrong or harmful in addition to the lack of sleep. But on Monday, Bubba will be 2 weeks old and i actually feel like we are reaching a bit of a groove. (subject to change at any time of course!) i don't know if I have just adjusted to the lack of sleep or if I am doing a better job of catching naps when I have the opportunity.

I also suspect that Bubba may be sleeping more/better at night than Miss D did because I am having him sleep on me. (With Miss D i was too afraid I would squish her) Or maybe he is just pretty good with his days/nights. He tends to be more alert during the day and for the past week anyway between 12AM-7AM he goes right back to sleep after feedings. (Approx. every 2 hours but sometimes up to 3)

I am amazed by the rapidity of my stomach shrinking. maybe it is because I have a 4 1/2 year old daily marking the progress of my belly button from outie to innie, but I don't remember shrinking down this fast last time. (Or maybe I was just too out of it to be aware) This has led to some rather ambitious clothing choices on my part. I did try to fit into a bigger pair of my regular pants the other day. (Not ready.) And a bigger shirt yesterday (quite tight). Methinks i will be in elastic waists for a while yet but i may raid my "regular" closet for some shirts. Can you tell I am sick of maternity clothes?

We all knew it would be different when the baby came, we just didn't know how it would be different. Honestly, most of my thoughts were about Miss D, and I didn't even consider how husband and I would need to change to account for another being in the house. One thing that is becoming clear- with a one child house there is always the chance that one of you will have a break while the other one is amusing the child. That is a luxury we will no longer have. We have definitely benefited from my Mother being here and I am a little afraid to see what's going to happen when she leaves.... ;( But on the other hand, we have to figure it out sometime!

Miss D herself is not displaying any jealousy. If anything she is sometimes too affectionate. She always wants to touch and hold and kiss him. And she likes to do this at inopportune times like when he is sleeping or eating. (OK that is what he is doing most of the time so i guess I have to cut her some slack there) As time goes on and also when mom leaves i think the reality of the changed situation will settle in more. She has been a bit more whiny of late, but she also has a cold so it's hard to say what is causing it.

Starting Dec 1, she will be going to school Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Until now, she has had a class on her off days (Gymnastics or Ballet). This has been great because i make sure she is getting some physical activity each day and also breaks up the day for both of us. Unfortunately, the park district does not offer any classes the entire month of December. Which means that every tuesday and thursday it will be all me with both kids...*titters nervously*


Anonymous said...

Lucky you that your stomach is shrinking! I felt like mine took forever to go down the second time. Also, don't worry about being outnumbered 2 to 1. I did 3 to 1 for a while. At first, E was 4 years, J was 2 years, and T was newborn and it's an adjustment, but you will do just fine. Lisa

alexis said...

Hang in there - I am sure you'll get the hang of it in no time! Tho I do remember other moms telling me sometimes that over-affection from older sibling to newborn sis or bro, especially at inappropriate times, is the older child wanting attention. I guess feeding is some very clear mom-bro time and maybe she wants to a piece of that. Still better than what you used to do as an older sis, namely, whacking us upside the head. ;)

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Yeah for sleep! I'm glad things have been as good as they have been. Good luck.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Sounds like your mom being in town is quite the blessing. Nice! 15 years from now, you'll look back fondly on the Tuesdays and Thursdays with the kids!!

Dad said...

The vast majority of mothers make it through the having of their second child so I have full confidence you will be one of them :)

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