Friday, January 8, 2010

Have You Been Missing Me?

There are a number of reasons you haven't been hearing from me lately, either here or commenting on your blogs. Part of it is the whole baby thing. But a larger chunk is because my access to a computer has been severely limited.

We only have one home computer, and it is Husband's work computer. Now that business is starting to get rolling i don't get to use it much- and when I do I am often too exhausted to compose a blog post.

I am however reading everyone's blogs through google reader on my phone. It's just really cumbersome to access comments from there an then tap one out on my phone keyboard!

Husband has for months suggested that we purchase a second computer, but I have been hesitant about spending the money. I am starting to come around, not only for the social aspects but also if I start doing some sort of business from home, I will need my own computer that I can use at my convenience, not his.


Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

I suggest a netbook - under $300 and great for light use.

Dad said...

I suggest you make pointed comments like:

"Cheez Dad that computer of yours is totally inadequate for your work. You should be getting a new one and dump that that year old piece of MACBook Pro on some oldest daughter of yours."

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Hmmm, thinking about a job from home? Any ideas yet?

alexis said...

it's great to hear things are picking up for John! Totally acceptable reason for your going AWOL :)