Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Plenty of Stuffs

First, can I just say that I posted the pic of the cake for my sisters (whom know what it is paying homage to) and I can't believe that neither of them have commented on it!

I guess that's what happens when your posting frequency drops to once a month. Life has been very full and when you go to bed at 8, the days are short!

Bubba Update: For those of you not on the facebook, the Bubs popped two bottom teeth last week. The teething pain seems to be lessening now that they have broke the skin and he's even had a couple of nights with long periods of sleep. (Until last night of course) He is awesome at grabbing toys, not as awesome at getting them to his mouth. His favorite thing to play with is any spit rag (he is quite the spitter) which he holds in two hands and can get to his mouth easily. While he has yet to do any rolling, he is a champion at being pulled to a sitting position- and even a standing position. The only problem is that once he is sitting he wants to let go and he doesn't have the control to stay up there by himself yet. He is very talkative and very interested in observing everything- especially his big sister!

Miss Dukes Update: Miss Dukes is getting a tooth of her own. A big tooth has been growing in behind two of her lower teeth for almost a month- but the baby teeth show very little signs of getting out of the way! Time to find a dentist methinks. She had a grand time at her 5th birthday party which you may have noticed was My Little Pony Themed. The cake barely made it through the singing of the birthday song before the girls grabbed all the horses off of it. She and her 5 friends played freeze dance, beaded their own necklaces and bracelets and got stuff out of the pinata. A grand time for all! The pinata seems fine for another use so we are hoping to take it outside this summer and whack it to death properly. Miss D loves, loves loves her little brother. Particularly squishing his cheeks! She played in her first 3 on 3 soccer tournament (hilarious), where she spent much of the time telling us in the stands what was going on rather than paying attention to the game.

Grown-up Update: We continue to muddle along, trying to make ends meet. I have started to get into a groove with this SAH thing an I'm starting to really enjoy it.

Whoops, both kids up now. ta ta!


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Doing the SAH was a big change - I'm glad to hear it's working out. It's good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the teeth. E's adult teeth were completely in before the baby teeth fell out. I asked our dentist like 5 times, but he was never concerned. Lisa

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

What's the SAH thing?? Maybe I missed it in last month's post. :-)

stef said...

Thanks lisa! That makes me feel better. ;)

Joe- (S)tay (A)t (H)ome

Dad said...

Who'd thought you would be June Cleaver :)

alexis said...

oh my god - dude, I am out for a week and I get called out for not getting immediately to your cake post. I just did btw but I'll say it again - it was awesome!

sounds like kids are really keeping you busy but in a good way. I was pissed I missed you this weekend to chat - keep an eye out for me on skype this week, let's try to catch up!