Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TurboTax - Freedom Edition

I did our taxes on Sunday in less than 2 hours. TurboTax made filing incredibly easy. The questions are easy to follow and have a logical sequence. They also provide a feature where you can estimate your itemized deductions and it will tell you if it is worth your while to itemize or more beneficial to take the standard deduction. (still leaving you the option to itemize if you desire)

After all the math is done you can choose to transfer your information and do your state filing as well. With the freedom edition you can efile federally for free, and possibly for state to depending where you live. If you don't qualify for the freedom edition, it may be worth your while to pay for the software. After all, it's deductible!

Best of all, accuracy is guaranteed.

Here's a few things to have on hand when doing your taxes other than all the forms you got in the mail:

- your children's SS #'s (that second one sure makes a difference!)
- your prior year tax return (if efiling- info from it will be used to verify your identity)

Recommended by me!


kegz said...

But, my question is: Does this have the Armenian deal hound's approval?

alexis said...

ooo, maybe I will try that this year, though I am like 3 years behind on my tax filings...

Dad said...

Wouldn't put that on the internet A