Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tweet tweat

Going out to eat with a toddler is a challenge. Sometimes i am totally up for it. other times, not so much. When a restaurant goes the extra mile to make it easy on a parent- then i have to give out the mad propz. Tweet , located in the lovely Edgewater neighborhood, is conveniently located equadistant from our place in Albany Park and some friends of ours with a similarly aged child in Evanston.

Here's the thing. Instead of just some crayons and a placemat, Tweet provides each child with a small basket full of delights. The contents range from the ubiquitous crayons and paper, to small board books of the old school variety (Ours included Mrs. Tiggy-winkles and a kik-ass Richard Scarry book), a mini rubiks cube, a stuffed animal story (the kind where you flip up the fabric pages and give the stuffed character a new face in the process- does anyone remember these? they are awsome!) and so on. Between all the toys, all the food, and a spare room with a stage, we managed to keep the wee one engaged for almost 2 hours! Woot!

The food was very delicious and 2 free treats were thrown in. Some sort of chocolatey breakfast cake when we first got there, and fresh fruit or apple compote prior to orders coming out. Miss Dukes ate all my fruit. Awsome!

I would say in general the place has a very welcoming vibe for guests with or without children and draws a somewhat diverse crowd, being owned by the owner of Big Chicks- the famed gay bar next door.

3 stars. we'll be back

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