Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I have the smartest baby

I just realized I have written 3 posts so far and have yet to discuss, urm mention rather (hard to have a discussion with oneself) either mothering and/or rocking. Both of which are things I actually do. My daughter is almost 2. She is the smartest baby ever. Two days ago, she described pizza to be "delicious!" also, she used a pronoun correctly. She said "I'm stuck".

Her nickname is Miss Dukes. That is the formal version of pooksie-dooks with the spelling changed to lessen the similarities to excrement. My husband did it. He is the king of all nicknames in my house. He has also dubbed the cat "Bodens".

Lately she is fond of naked baby dancing time every evening. Let's face it. being naked is awsome. and also could lead to pee pee in the toilet. Although as of yet, it is mainly pee pee on the floor. (or rug, depending)

She has curly curly hair that I have no idea what to do with. (Mine is straight as a stick) So I let it run wild and free and have never cut it hoping that the weight may tame it eventually.

She also has my eyes. at least their color. which is the most amazing thing ever. She will have a mother who understands her frustration with boyz who compliment her "big,brown eyes" when it is obvious they are hazel! (green and brown)

AND. She has rocked since the womb, almost right up to her 1st day out, and I have the video to prove it!

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alexis said...

naked dancing: cool for all ages
naked peeing on the floor: generally frowned on for most ages.