Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In which I still do not cover the rocking

I was fully ready to mention the "rocker" portion of my blog name today, but more mothering has come to the forefront.

Namely, the Dukes has taken to smacking me in the face- followed by hysterical laughter- followed by more face smacking. So far, I tell her "No hitting" strongly, while looking her in the eye and holding her arms so she can't hit me. She giggles through the whole thing and then smacks me again when I let her go. Finally we gave her a time out- a concept I think she is a little too young to fully grasp. She then came over to me and said, 'No hitting". I said, "That's right, but you can hit the couch if you want"

Praying this is a short phase. Thank god for the internets.

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alexis said...

", I’m talking about individuals who can crank on a jack-in-the-box for an hour, and laugh every single time the clown pops out."

Oh wait, he's talking about toddlers...