Friday, February 2, 2007

Bears Bears Bears Bears

You would have to be living under a rock (admittedly one of my favorite hiding spots) to live in Chicago and not be aware of the upcoming Super Bowl festivities. Every morning, the brown line has been filled with various Bear-Themed Red Eye covers. (Photo of Bears players, Cartoon image of bears players as super heros, photo of drunken bears fans, etc)
There was even an article on anti-bears activities in the Tempo section yesterday. (Yes, it's true, I only reference Tribune Company products in my daily life)

My husband has converted me to several sports over the years, most successfully baseball, but football remains out of the grasp of my understanding and interest. However, I will be attending a gathering (humorously enough with a group of people who couldn't care less about the Super Bowl) and will dutifully watch it.

Husband is not particularly enamored of the Bears and will probably not care if they win or not, but he is one of those people that enjoys watching sports even if they are not fans of the teams that are playing. Pity me! (You would be amazed at how often sporting events are on television- especially now that we have the cable. The cursed, cursed cable...)

Regardless, if the Bears win tonight we shall hunker down to watch the ensuing celebratory violence on the teevee. Together.


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I think it is so funny that our hubby's have managed to convert us to totally different sports. I have fallen for football, but I just can't get into baseball. It is so boooring! Anyway, for all the trouble I went through learning about the sport I ended up missing the SB this year since I was stuck on a plane to Omaha. Boo!