Monday, February 5, 2007

Closer to the Rocking (M-Audio 410 Firewire vs. Presonus Firebox)

It is always an adventure moving through the world of computers and computer-based gadgetry when one is barely computer literate. One could say the same when it comes to recording music and the various accutrements of that industry.

My friend TR and I recently started a new music project with just the two of us. We began the venture with the understanding that we want to spend as little money as possible (we both are in other bands). That means we will have a myspace page only- no paid for website and if make CDs they will be CDRs that we make the covers for ourselves out of construction paper and toothpicks. Oh, and we will also be doing all our own recording on my newish Macbook Pro using Garageband.

We've done plenty of playing around with recording tracks using the speakers in the computer, but the time has come to "get serious" as they say. And some money is required to put in some mouths. After much internet searchings ("Why do I keep pulling up message boards that talk about soundcards when I put in this product name?") we narrowed it down to the 2 products listed in the title of this post. We found virulent defenders and detractors of each but ultimately have decided to go with the M-Audio product. Why? Presonus apparently has a defect that is incompatible with the new Macbooks (which would require an additional purchase on our part) and also the M-Audio is a little cheaper.

Don't tell me about your feelings on the subject. I don't want to know.

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